Refund Policy for DopeWars

Basic usage of this website is offered at no charge. All services on this site offered at a cost are strictly under the regulation of this refund policy.

Due to the nature of the products/services offered at this site, it is not viable to offer refunds on any purchase; this is directly caused by the fact that services purchased on this site are generally rendered immediately and cannot be returned or undone.

1) All digital coin purchases from this site and any sub-sites are non-refundable.

2) Products are as described on the website, if you have any questions or are unsure about a product; please e-mail the site before making your purchase. Refunds will not be issued based on a lack of buyer research before purchase.

3) Website credit ("rain checks") will be issued if a technical error causes your purchase to be incorrectly rendered. If a technical error causes your transaction to only be partially processed in the case where you have been billed but the product was not rendered in full, you must make your claim via e-mail within 24 hours of the transaction.

4) If no e-mail is received within 24 hours, the transaction is considered complete and the sale is final. Any claims or issues must be initiated via e-mail within 24 hours of the transaction.

5) Purchasing on this site (, DopeWarsOnline) and/or any associated site indicates your acceptance of this policy.