Terms of Service

This agreement governs your use of all programs currently operating at dopewarsonline.com, including the game, and all other parts of this website. By clicking on I agree, you agree to be governed by the rules set forth below.

1. It would be best if a user was at least 18 years of age to use this site/game. Due to the nature of game chat some topics will be unsuitable for those underage. Those that are underage will be allowed to use the site if they have their parent's permission.

2. DopeWarsOnline at http://dopewarsonline.com/ does not condone the manufacture, sale or usage of illicit narcotics, or any other violation of the law. Any attempt to facilitate the manufacture, sale or usage of illicit narcotics, or any other violation of the law using this site will be reported to the relevant authorities.

3. Using an account to boost a different account (an example of this would be intentionally placing goods on the black market at a reduced price and purchasing them on a timed interval by a different account) is forbidden.

4. The in-game messaging system, cartel news, cartel discussion board and any other form of in-game communication is not policed by any admin; messages are unfiltered and can be sent to and from any player within the game. If you find a message offensive, you may send a message to an admin about it. However, http://dopewarsonline.com/ and its operators cannot be held responsible for any offensive content posted therein. Racist comments and handle names will be deleted and users may face a ban for intentional offense!

4a. Abuse of the in-game messaging system in any way may lead to account suspension or ban depending on the severity of the issue. Abuse includes: Harassing players/admin, bullying nature, Racist comments, personal attacks and just overall rudeness.

5. Usage of any automated scripts or software to improve performance in the game is strictly prohibited. All accounts must be manually operated by their owners. The use of macros to time jumps is very much against the spirit of the game and anyone found to be using macros will be removed from the game.

6. Exploitation of any bugs or unethical conduct is forbidden and can result in a complete lifetime ban from this website. Subsequent and major offenses may result in legal action.

7. We reserve to right to remove any account at any time based on suspicions of violation of any rules stated in this agreement.

8. You may meet people in this game, http://dopewarsonline.com/ and its operators are not responsible for any relations or outcomes formed from the usage of this website. We highly recommend you keep your personal information personal, and not share it with others using this website.

9. The game rules will likely not change in the middle or a round, but if necessary, we reserve the right to change the game rules/variables at any point, notice will be given either before or after the change on the site forum as an announcement in the General Discussion and Suggestions section.

10. We reserve the right to change this agreement at any time; you will be notified of major changes.

11. Basic usage of this website is offered free of charge. Any paid services offered on this site are governed by our refund policy. By agreeing to this user agreement, you are subsequently agreeing to the rules set forth by our refund policy should you choose to purchase any paid services from this website.

12. Information gathered about you is governed by our privacy policy. The submission of information to this website automatically declares your understanding of this policy and how such information will be managed.

13. If you are banned from game chat, you are not permitted to create a second account to re-join game chat. You have to use the same account and wait for the ban to end or risk a further permanent banning.

Remember, it's just a game! Have fun, and Enjoy!